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Most GuideGuide issues are common and easy to fix. Here are a few of the most common issues.

  • GuideGuide doesn’t work in CC 2017

    It does! You probably just have an old version. If you’ve purchased GuideGuide you will need to download the latest files.

  • GuideGuide isn’t in my Gumroad account

    Check your email for a message titled “You got GuideGuide!” It includes links to download GuideGuide and connect it with your account.

    If you can’t find the email, send me an email with the email address you used to buy GuideGuide so I can resend your receipt.

  • I have a problem with Adobe Add-ons

    I no longer support the Adobe Add-ons version of GuideGuide. If you purchased through Adobe Add-ons, please send proof of your purchase to I will send you a link to download GuideGuide through my Gumroad store for free.

  • Installation does not work

    Installation issues are pretty common. You’re not alone! Be sure to read the installation guide which has step-by-step installation instructions and troubleshooting tips for the most common error messages.

    If the installer script gave you an error but you forgot what it said, check the .log file that was created in your GuideGuide folder. It will have more info. Be sure to include that file if you email me for help.

  • GuideGuide cannot delete a .png file when installing

    GuideGuide changed its installation location a few versions back, so it tries to clean up the old files if you’ure updating. Unfortunatelly, Photoshop locks access to the GuideGuide icon when it’s open, so if you have GuideGuide installed already, it sometimes runs into an error when it tries to delete the locked file.

    To fix the issue, delete the .png file mentioned in the error message and try to installation again. Once done, you will not have to do this for future updates.

  • The installer says my version is unsupported

    GuideGuide does not support versions before CC. If this is you and you purchased GuideGuide, contact me below and I will help you get a refund. You can still download older versions of GuideGuide that support Photoshop CS4 and CS5 here.

    If you receive this error and have a version CC or older, you probably have an old version of GuideGuide installed. Downloading the latest files should fix the problem.

  • I would like a refund

    I’m happy to give refunds, and I won’t give you a hard time about it. However, most issues that cause people to want refunds are relatively common and easy to solve. Check out this guide for the most common issues.

    How to get a refund

    How you get a refund depends on the store you purchased GuideGuide through. If you are choosing to get a refund and don’t want my help to troubleshoot, please let me know in your message.

    From me (through Gumroad)

    Please click the email button at the bottom of the page to request your refund and include the email address you used to purchase GuideGuide. I will process the refund as soon as I see the message.

    Creative market

    Please click the email button at the bottom of the page to request your refund and include the email address that is associated with your Creative Market. I have to contact Creative Market to request the refund, so it usually take about 1 business day for a response. They will send you an email when they have processed the refund.

    Adobe Add-ons

    Adobe requires customers to contact them directly for refunds.


    MightyDeals requires customers to contact them directly for refunds.

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