• 4.7.1


    • Fixed: A typo in README.txt. It now correctly says “Restart Illustrator”.


    • No changes.


    • Fixed: A bug causing integer values to validate incorrectly in form fields.
    • Fixed: A bug causing the PS and AI installers to overwrite one another on Windows.
  • 4.7.0


    • No changes.


    • Fixed: A bug that caused clearing via marque to clear guides in other artboards.


    • Added: Support for standard 6p5 syntax for picas/points.
    • Changed: New native installers for an easier, Adobe-independent installation experience.
    • Removed: Manual and ZXP installers are no longer included.
  • 4.6.4


    • Fixed: A illustrator bug that caused offset guide ends when artboards are resized


    • No changes


    • Changed: Attempt to fix a bug causing errors at startup.
  • 4.6.2


    • No changes


    • No changes


    • Workaround: Added a fallback for when GuideGuide can’t create its data file. Data won’t save, but GuideGuide will continue to work.
  • 4.6.1


    • Fixed: A bug caused by pixel alignment issues


    • No changes


    • No changes
  • 4.6.0


    • Changed: Duplicates are scoped to the layer now, not the whole document. It caused confusion when duplicates existed in hidden layers.
    • Removed: Clearing guides within a selection. The behavior didn’t feel right and caused confusion.
    • Fixed: A bug that prevented shape guides from clearing
    • Fixed: A bug that caused guides to only be added to the top layer
    • Fixed: A bug that caused alignment issues in guides added outside the current artboard
    • Fixed: A bug that caused incorrect grid notation to be output from the form
    • Fixed: A bug that prevented adding guides based on the location of other guides
    • Fixed: A few bugs that were not visible to users


    • No changes


    • Fixed: A bug in grid notation that caused an error when specifying a zero width or height for a grid
  • 4.5.1

    All versions

    • Added: Form field content is automatically selected when focusing fields for quicker editing.


    • Fixed: A bug that prevented the “Clear all guides” item in the flyout menu from working.


    • No changes
  • 4.5.0

    • Added: Support for Illustrator! Requires a separate purchase.
    • Fixed: A bug causing rounding errors in floating point numbers.
  • 4.4.0

    • Added: If you click the “Add guides” button without filling the form, GuideGuide will outline the current context.
    • Added: Setting to enable selected layer support. Disabled by default now.
    • Fixed: issue causing GuideGuide to freeze when zero values were used for columns and gutters.
    • Fixed: a memory saving issue
  • 4.3.7

    • Fixed: issue where Adobe installers would say GuideGuide installed successfully but it would not appear.
    • Improved: installer now provides suggestions when it can’t install GuideGuide.
  • 4.3.6

    • Changed: Updated the license language to be more permissive. See details of what changed here:

    This update includes no feature changes. You can safely ignore it.

  • 4.3.5

    • Fixed: Bumped version to allow GuideGuide to load in CC 2015.5
  • 4.3.4

    • Fixed: A bug that caused a blank panel for CC 2014 users.
  • 4.3.3

    • Fixed: A bug that caused selection-based grids to be misaligned when the default ruler was not px.
  • 4.3.2

    • Fixed: A bug that caused a blank panel for Windows users >.<
    • Fixed: A bug that caused the form to autofill px for rulers
    • Fixed: A prevented selective guide clearing on non-pixel rulers.
  • 4.3.1

    • Fixed: A bug causing resolution to be ignored
    • Fixed: A bug alignment issues in artboards
    • Changed: Ok, that was terrible. Selections are back!
    • New: New flyout menu option to change the location where GuideGuide stores its data.
  • 4.3.0

    • Fixed: Artboards are now fully supported in all features. If you find bugs, please let me know.
    • Changed: GuideGuide now uses your selected layers and artboards, rather than your marquee selection.
    • Added: Any action can be done in multiple artboards at once.
    • Added: Duplicate guides between artboards or to other documents.
    • Added: Clear just vertical or horizontal guides.
    • Added: Default grids include a Fibonacci grid due to popular request.
    • Added: Debug logging mode

    Be sure to check out the blog post for more info about these changes.

  • 4.2.0

    • Fixed: A bug that reset GuideGuide data after each Photoshop update. If you experienced this issue, see this guide to recover your data.
    • Fixed: A bug causing GuideGuide to not appear after being installed on Windows.
    • Fixed: A bug causing OS X users to receive an I/O error when installing.
  • 4.1.7

    • Fixed: A bug causing GuideGuide to freeze when using it to automatically calculate column count with percentage widths.
    • Fixed: The install script now cleans the installation directory before installing, preventing signature errors in upgrades from old versions.
  • 4.1.6

    • Fixed: A bug preventing adding guides to non-artboard documents when a selection is used.
  • 4.1.5

    • Fixed: A bug causing misalignment in secondary artboards when a selection is used.
  • 4.1.4

    • Fixed: A bug preventing clearing guides in documents without artboards.
  • 4.1.3

    • Fixed: A bug causing “center” and “right” aligned guides to only appear in the first artboard.
    • Added: A new installation script.
  • 4.1.2

    • Fixed: A bug preventing guides with same positions from being added in different artboards.
    • Disabled: Duplicate guide checking due the above fix.
  • 4.1.1

    • Added: Support for CC 2015.1’s artboard specific guides.
  • 4.1.0

    • Changed: The quick guide buttons are now always open
    • Fixed: Fixed a bug preventing clearing horizontal guides artboards
  • 4.0.0


    • New: Updated UI
    • New: “More” menus next to the Add guides buttons

    • Changed: Grid tab is now “Form”
    • Changed: Sets tab is now “Saved”
    • Changed: Quick guides are hidden by default
    • Changed: Clear guides only clears guides in the active artboard

    • Removed: GuideGuide no longer supports CS5 and CS6
    • Removed: Settings tab; Settings now live in the context where they are used.
    • Removed: Guide counter

    • Fixed: Points work as points, not pixels


    • New: Field labels
    • New: Limited grid notation support in margin, column, row, and gutter fields
    • New: Grid position settings automatically appear when needed

    • Changed: Save grid and Reset form now live in the “More” menu

    • Removed: Midpoint checkboxes; replaced with using ~ | ~ in columns, rows, and gutters


    • New: What is this? button that points to the grid notation documentation

    • Changed: Errors are shown in the UI rather than the text
    • Changed: Save grid and Reset form now live in the “More” menu
    • Changed: Add guides button is disabled when the grid notation is invalid


    • New: Select multiple grids at a time
    • New: Delete multiple grids at a time
    • New: Export to and import from files (in Photoshop versions with file support)
    • New: Exporter can export selected or all sets

    • Changed: Grids saved via the Form or Custom tab are edited with the same tab
    • Changed: Edit, Delete, Import, and Export now live in the “More” menu
    • Changed: New grid from existing guides has its own button in the “More” menu
    • Changed: Importer supports all GuideGuide versions


    • Removed: This tab

    • Changed: Horizontal position and Vertical position have been moved to the “Form” tab
    • Changed: Horizontal remainder and Vertical remainder have been permanently set to left and bottom, respectively
    • Changed: Snap to pixels is now permanently enabled
    • Changed: Import and Export have been moved to the “Saved” tab

    • Removed: Check for updates button

    Grid notation

    • Fixed: Points use 72dpi