• New: Updated UI
  • New: “More” menus next to the Add guides buttons

  • Changed: Grid tab is now “Form”
  • Changed: Sets tab is now “Saved”
  • Changed: Quick guides are hidden by default
  • Changed: Clear guides only clears guides in the active artboard

  • Removed: GuideGuide no longer supports CS5 and CS6
  • Removed: Settings tab; Settings now live in the context where they are used.
  • Removed: Guide counter

  • Fixed: Points work as points, not pixels


  • New: Field labels
  • New: Limited grid notation support in margin, column, row, and gutter fields
  • New: Grid position settings automatically appear when needed

  • Changed: Save grid and Reset form now live in the “More” menu

  • Removed: Midpoint checkboxes; replaced with using ~ | ~ in columns, rows, and gutters


  • New: What is this? button that points to the grid notation documentation

  • Changed: Errors are shown in the UI rather than the text
  • Changed: Save grid and Reset form now live in the “More” menu
  • Changed: Add guides button is disabled when the grid notation is invalid


  • New: Select multiple grids at a time
  • New: Delete multiple grids at a time
  • New: Export to and import from files (in Photoshop versions with file support)
  • New: Exporter can export selected or all sets

  • Changed: Grids saved via the Form or Custom tab are edited with the same tab
  • Changed: Edit, Delete, Import, and Export now live in the “More” menu
  • Changed: New grid from existing guides has its own button in the “More” menu
  • Changed: Importer supports all GuideGuide versions


  • Removed: This tab

  • Changed: Horizontal position and Vertical position have been moved to the “Form” tab
  • Changed: Horizontal remainder and Vertical remainder have been permanently set to left and bottom, respectively
  • Changed: Snap to pixels is now permanently enabled
  • Changed: Import and Export have been moved to the “Saved” tab

  • Removed: Check for updates button

Grid notation

  • Fixed: Points use 72dpi

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