Custom view

The Custom view provides a place to write grid notation, a written grid language that enables you to create grids that are more complex than a form can handle. To use it, write grid notation in the field, then click the Add guides button.


The form is a single field where you write grid notation. Unfocusing the field or clicking the Add guides button validates the field. GuideGuide will display errors on the field if there are any.

If you have filled out the form view, when you switch to the custom view you will see grid notation that the form has generated. This is a great way to learn how grid notation.

Name field

Filling in the name field gives your grid a name. This field does not appear unless you are saving a grid.

Grid notation field

This is where you write grid notation. If the grid notation contains any errors, GuideGuide will displayed them over the form.

Add guides button

Clicking the Add guides button tells GuideGuide to process the contents of the grid notation field and apply the grid to your document, based on the current context.

GuideGuide disables this button if the grid notation field contains errors.

More menu

Clicking the triangle button next to the Add guides button displays the More menu, which holds features that are useful but not commonly needed.

Save grid button

Clicking the Save grid button opens modifies the form to allow you to save your grid for later use.

Reset form button

Clicking the Reset form button resets all form fields to their empty or default values.

What is this? button

Clicking the What is this? button opens the grid notation documentation in a browser window.

Saving a grid

Clicking the Save grid button displays the name field which enables you to name your grid. If you filled out the form before clicking the Save grid button, the values you entered remain in the form.

Save grid button

Clicking the Save grid button saves your grid, then opens the saved view where you will see the grid in the list.

Cancel button

Clicking the Cancel button hides the name field and returns you to the form. GuideGuide restores the values that were in the form before clicking the Save grid button.

Quick guides buttons

Clicking the quick guides buttons adds single guides to some of the most commonly used places, or clears guides.

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