Flyout menu

The flyout menu is part of the Photoshop and Illustrator panel UI, in the top right corner, in CC 2014 and later. If you do not have this menu you are probably on an out of date version of your application. Please update to the most current version available to you if you would like to use this feature.

Screenshot of GuideGuide, highlighting the flyout menu

Version number

This is the version number of your current version of GuideGuide.

Duplicate guides to open documents (Photoshop only)

This will duplicate all guides from the current context in your active document to all other open documents. GuideGuide does not try to replicate artboard guides when duplicating. Instead, it combines all selected contexts in your current document into one (imagine layers rather than artboards) and copies them as one into each document as canvas guides.

Keep in mind, this feature copies guides based on their coordinates. Guides duplicated between documents of different sizes may have unpredictable results.

Duplicate guides to selected artboards (Photoshop only)

This will duplicate the guides that fall within the current context to all artboards in your document. If you do not select any artboards, it will duplicate all guides between all artboards, effectively syncing guides between them.

If your selection includes canvas guides (the kind that are relative to the document rather than an artboard), GuideGuide will add any guides to overlap an artboard to the artboard it overlaps. This is a handy way to convert your canvas guides to artboard guides.

Convert selection to guides (Illustrator only)

This will convert your currently selected paths to guides

Clear all guides

This will clear all canvas and artboard guides.

Clear canvas guides (Photoshop only)

This will clear all canvas (relative to the document) guides.

Clear selected artboard guides (Photoshop only)

This will clear all artboard (relative to the artboard) guides in the currently selected artboards.

Clear vertical guides

This will clear all vertical guides in the current context.

Clear horizontal guides

This will clear all horizontal guides in the current context.

Tracking settings

Clicking this item asks you whether you will let GuideGuide track anonymous usage data. You can read more about usage tracking in the tracking policy documentation.


This will open the folder in which GuideGuide is installed. Deleting the GuideGuide folder will uninstall it. You can find more information about the installation folder in this guide.


This will log debug information to a file at:


You will not need this feature unless I request you use it in a support ticket.

Use selected layers (Photoshop only)

This will toggle whether GuideGuide includes your selected layers when determining its context.

Change Data folder

This will allow you to change where GuideGuide saves its data.

Buy GuideGuide

Clicking this item opens in a browser window. This appears in the free version of GuideGuide.

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