Grid notation in fields

Some fields support limited grid notation. These fields support explicit and wildcard commands, which you separate with guide commands.

In margin fields, you can use this to create more than one margin in each field. For example, 10px | 10px will create a guide at 0px, 10px, and 20px. Note that the values are additive. If you were to use 10px | -10px, it would place a guide at 0px and 10px. Also note that the values start at the edge and move inward.

Note that while you can use wildcards in margin fields, you may get unexpected results when you let GuideGuide calculate the width/height of your grid, as it uses wildcards to do so.

In width, height, and gutter fields, this works similarly, though wildcards are more useful, since filling out these fields overrides the wildcard usage. To create midpoints in your gutters, you can add ~ | ~. Or if you want margins in your columns, you can add 10px | ~ | 10px.

You may need to experiment a bit before you get the hang of it, but this can be a powerful feature.

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