GuideGuide is a extension. It works by using existing functionality in clever ways, but it cannot add new functionality that applications do not already have. Adobe applications also do not always have an API available to extensions for every feature you can use in the UI.

This is a list of great features that—to my knowledge—I cannot add to GuideGuide due to these limitations. If you are an extension developer that knows how to add any of these features, please let me know.

Individual guide color

This is not possible in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Guides on specific layers

This is not possible in Photoshop.

Instant preview of guides

To my knowledge, there isn’t an API for this feature in Photoshop.

Add all guides at once

When you use GuideGuide, it adds guides one at a time with a ~200ms delay. To my knowledge, the Photoshop API does not provide a way to add more than one guide at a time.

Photoshop freezes while GuideGuide adds guides

This is how Photoshop works, which means Photoshop becomes frozen for long periods of time if you have a grid with a lot of guides. I’ve tried to work around this, but it so far has not been possible to avoid this.

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