Tracking Policy

GuideGuide uses Google Analytics to track anonymous usage info. GuideGuide tracks each time you launch it, whether it’s in free or paid mode, the current versions of GuideGuide and the application it is running in, the application language, and when you use features.

GuideGuide does not track any personal information or the specific values of actions you take. For example, if you fill out the form and clicks Add guides, GuideGuide tracks that the Add guides feature was used, but does not track who used it or what was in the form when it was used.

I use this information to understand GuideGuide’s audience, to understand how often they use features, and to inform future decisions about GuideGuide.

Upon first launch, GuideGuide sends one event which registers the install. You are then asked whether you want to allow GuideGuide to track anonymous usage data. If you select No, GuideGuide will not track any further info. You can change this setting at any time in the panel’s flyout menu.

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