A note about guides in Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a relatively new application with a new API offering. I’ve done my best to create the familiar GuideGuide experience while embracing the current API offering for Adobe XD. I will update GuideGuide as Adobe XD and the APIs evolve.


Adobe XD does not have a native concept of a “guide.” Instead, GuideGuide creates a folder called ”GuideGuide” which contains paths titled “Guide”. While not as nice as native guides, it has the benefit of allowing for customizing the colors of the guides, if that’s your thing.


Plugins in Adobe XD may only modify the current selection. As a result, GuideGuide cannot clear guides (you can select and delete them like any other shape) and must create a new guide folder even when guides exist elsewhere in the document.

GuideGuide is the tool for you if:
you enjoy clean layouts and efficient tools.

You should avoid GuideGuide if:
you enjoy pain.

It Pays for itself

GuideGuide saves so much time, it pays for itself. With your new free time, you can take on more clients, learn how to yodel, or maybe even start a side project (that's how GuideGuide started!)

What can you do with GuideGuide?

Add guides based on your artboard or selection.

Quickly mark edges and midpoints with guides.

Create custom grids that are too complex for other grid tools.




Golden Ratio

Save the grids you use the most and share them with others.