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I'm adding support for GuideGuide in new apps! Please help me test things so launch day isn't a nightmare.

After Effects
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How to participate

Existing customers may participate in the beta with a valid license .

To participate without a paid license, please download GuideGuide and use the trial. Once the trial expires, you can contact support to request a free beta license that last for the duration of the beta.

Give Feedback

If you'd like to let me know how you feel about GuideGuide or report problems with GuideGuide, please join the beta Slack in the #guideguide-beta channel.

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Press kit

If you need logos, descriptions, or screenshots of GuideGuide, you can grab them in the press kit. Screenshots will be updated to show the new interface once the beta versions go public.

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GuideGuide for Figma


Figma plugins are distributed through the Figma Community site. However, during this beta period, GuideGuide must be installed locally

  1. Unzip GuideGuide somewhere.
  2. In the Figma menu, go to Plugins > Development > Import plugin from manifest
  3. In the file picker that opens, locate the GuideGuide folder and select manifest.json. Click Open.
  4. GuideGuide is now installed. You can find it at Plugins > Development > GuideGuide


In general, GuideGuide works the same in Figma as it does in all of the other plugins. If you're new to GuideGuide, check out the getting started guide for more information.


  • Figma does not support toggling the visibility of guides, so I've omitted the button that is present in other versions.

  • Because GuideGuide cannot toggle guide visibility, it is possible to add guides while guides are not visible. This is confusing, but so far I haven't figured out a way around it.

  • Framelike objects (frames, components, component sets) all support guides. When nested, guides cannot be added to child frames, but childe frames that already have guides will retain them. However, the child frame guides are hidden.

    To mirror what the user sees, GuideGuide will always act on the parent frame that contains visible guides. It will ignore "hidden" guides in child frames.

  • GuideGuide adds guides to the parent frame of the current selection. If the selection items with different parent frames, or items that are outside of a frame, guides are added to the canvas instead. This logic applies to clearing guides as well.