Getting Started

So I’ve convinced you to pay for GuideGuide, let’s… no? I haven’t yet? Ok, I guess I’ll put on some pants and get to work. Here’s how to get started:

Learn (Mostly) Everything you need to know

Here’s just about everything you need to know about GuideGuide in 60 seconds. I’ll wait while you watch it, like a significant other that really wants you to hear that part of a song they like.

Install GuideGuide

Damn, I probably should have told you to do that first. But here we are.

TL;DR download GuideGuide and just double click until it works, but if that’s confusing, here’s an installation guide.

Or you know what? If you haven’t installed GuideGuide yet, just use the demo on the home page. It works exactly the same as the plugins do.

Do sh*t with GuideGuide

Listen, if you want to just install it and give me money that’s fine, but GuideGuide is most useful when you use it to make your life easier. Why not try these things:

Select something in your document. In the Grid tab, click the Add Guides button. Look at that! You’ve just put guides around that thing you selected. Neat!

Move your selection so it only touches a couple of the guides. Click the Clear Guides button. Now those guides that were touching it are gone. Also neat! Clear those other guides and get rid of the selection, we don’t need ’em for this next trick.

Ok, let’s get weird. Flip on over to the Custom tab. Type this in the box and then click the Add guides button.

$ = 16px |
$* (hnl)

Damn, that’s a baseline grid right there. Now your text won’t look so sloppy. I mean, it looked… “great” before, but you can make it look a little less, sloppy now, you know? *whispers* You’re welcome.

I know, I was impressed by that demo too, and — just like you — I think you should save that grid for later. Click the Save as preset button, call it “Unforgettable Baseline”, and then click that big, beautiful Save Preset button. Now you have something to remember our time by.


I hope you enjoyed our time together — I sure did, and I wasn’t even there, if you think about it. Poke around with GuideGuide a bit more and when you’ve decided you can’t live without it, definitely go and give me some money. Holler at me if you have any questions.

Oh, but if you’re a student or a teacher, definitely don’t give me your money. I mean, I want it, but not until you’re famous. GuideGuide is free for you until then, if you can prove it.

What’s the difference between an alligator and crocodile? You see one later and the other in a while. I’ll see you in both.