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After years of lying dormant while I worked a full time day-job, GuideGuide is back under active development with a new major version on the way. Please help me test the newest plugins to ensure launch day delivers the best experience possible.

GuideGuide for InDesign has launched!

GuideGuide for InDesign - A plugin for powerful grids and guides in InDesign | Product Hunt

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Existing customers may participate in the beta with a valid license .

To participate without a paid license, please download GuideGuide and use the trial. Once the trial expires, you can contact support to request a free beta license that last for the duration of the beta.

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If you'd like to let me know how you feel about GuideGuide or report problems with GuideGuide, please join the beta Slack in the #guideguide-beta channel.

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If you would like to be notified when the beta version of GuideGuide becomes available for your app of choice, or when they become the official versions, please join the beta mailing list. You will only receive messages about the GuideGuide beta and will be removed from the list once the beta closes.

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Press kit

If you need logos, descriptions, or screenshots of GuideGuide, you can grab them in the press kit. Screenshots will be updated to show the new interface once the beta versions go public.

Check out the press kit

What’s new in GuideGuide?

New stuff

  • The first ever major update to Grid Notation
  • Support for Feet ft, Yards yd, and Meters m .
  • Native M1 Mac support for Photoshop
  • New Plugin: InDesign
  • New Plugin: After Effects
  • New Plugin: Figma


  • A redesigned interface (🙄) which will more closely align with each platform’s design, while keeping consistent interactions across all plugins.
  • The Photoshop version has been rebuilt with Adobe’s new(ish) UXP framework.
  • I’m about 5 years more experienced writing software than last time. Hopefully that’s a good thing.
  • I’ve removed all reliance on Google technologies, in favor of privacy-focused vendors like Fathom and SendStack.
  • GuideGuide no longer shares data between installed plugins due to new sandboxing restrictions in various applications.

What’s new in Grid Notation?

New stuff

  • Variables now support options
  • Built-in variables $HEIGHT and $WIDTH to reference the context of the grid
  • Commands can be wrapped in curly brackets , called a blocks , to group them together. Blocks can have their own options, allowing complex nesting of wildcards, enabling things like having wildcard calculation inside a sidebar that is different from wildcard calculation elsewhere in a grid.
  • Blocks inside variables can be referenced directly , allowing the results of one grid to be used in another grid. This allows things like forcing aspect ratios between horizontal and vertical guides.


  • Variables may now only be composed of letters and numbers. Previously, symbols were allowed.
  • Options for grids no longer require a specific order.
  • Only one size value is allowed in the options section. Previously, up to three were possible, the first and last used to position the grid if the grid was smaller than its context. This can now be done within the grid itself.