Adobe Add-on store problems

Nov 8, 2015 | Written byCameron McEfee

A few people have reported that the Adobe Add-on store is having issues automatically installing GuideGuide on their computers. Adobe’s support for this problem is both limited and in most cases incorrect, so here’s what you need to know to navigate the system.

Rule out user error

Before jumping to bug reports, it’s always a good idea to rule out user error. Adobe provides the following troubleshooting checklist:

Make sure:

  • Your internet connection is working
  • Your Adobe application is compatible with the Add-on
  • You have installed the Creative Cloud desktop app
  • File syncing on Creative Cloud desktop app is turned on

For more information read our Troubleshooting guide.

If you’ve tried everything they have listed in the checklist and the linked guide, it’s possible that you are experiencing a bug that they’re trying to fix. The people at Adobe would greatly appreciate if you follow the directions in this forum post to provide them with log files to help debug the problem.

Read my Adobe installation guide

I’ve written up a guide to try to cover common questions about using and installing GuideGuide through the Adobe Add-on store.

Check out the guide


The overwhelming majority of GuideGuide problems happen during installation due to Adobe software errors that are beyond my control. This one is no exception. I’m really sorry for the trouble this may cause you and am happy to try to help you work around the issue.