Free for students and teachers

School is the best time to learn about professional tools and the hardest time to pay for them. Both students and teachers may use GuideGuide for free for the duration of their education or employment.

Get an education license Renew your license

Who cares?

How does it work?

An education license is a license key that lasts for one year, no credit card required, no strings attached. Once the license expires, you can apply for a new one.

How do I apply?

  1. Request your education license.
  2. Include proof that you’re a student or teacher.
  3. I send your license key within a few business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of proof do you accept?

Whatever you provide, it must be clear what school you are attending or employed by and that it is related to you. You are welcome to redact any information that you consider sensitive. Please do not send images of your school credit card. It’s 2024, You know better.

Who can apply?

Any student may apply. Teachers must teach a course that is in some way related to design and the use of GuideGuide.

Do online design courses count?

Yes, students of online design courses can apply.

Why give GuideGuide away for free?

While altruism was my original motivation, over the years I’ve discovered that people that have the chance to use GuideGuide while they are learning are fairly likely to become paying customers — proportionally more so than the normal traffic on the website. Doing something good and (eventually) getting money for it? It’s a no brainer.

How many licenses can I request?

Students can request one license. Teachers and school administrators can request as many licenses as they would like, for use within their classrooms.

How do I renew my license when it expires?

The same way you requested it in the first place — fill out the form, provide proof, indicate that you would like to renew your license.