I collect very little personal data, but any that is collected may be shared with certain subprocessors to enable you to use GuideGuide and me to improve it.

A subprocessor is a third party data processor used by GuideGuide that agrees to receive personal data intended for processing on behalf of GuideGuide users, as agreed upon by those users, in the methods stated within the terms provided by policies of the subprocessors for the purposes listed in the GuideGuide Privacy Policy.

NamePuproseData CollectedMethodCountryPolicies
FastSpringPayment ProcessingName, Address, Email, Payment InfoVoluntaryUSA Privacy DPA Data
FathomAnalyticsAnonymous Feature UsageAutomaticCanada Privacy DPA Data
HelpScoutSupport Ticket ManagementName, Email, OtherVoluntaryUSA Privacy DPA Data
KeygenLicense ManagementLicense Key, Subscription ID, Policy ConsentVoluntaryUSA Privacy DPA Data
SendStackMailing List ManagmentEmail, Contact PreferencesVoluntaryGermany Privacy DPA Data
SentryError MonitoringLicense Key, Error DataAutomaticUSA Privacy DPA Data
VercelHosting & Cloud ServicesAutomaticUSA Privacy DPA Data

This list is kept up to date as I add or remove subprocessors. Please check back when GuideGuide's policies change. To be notified in a more timely manner, you may add this list as a feed to your preferred feed reader.