Can I share GuideGuide to get a discount?

I’m trying to spread GuideGuide’s reach, so I’m offering a free additional year of a license to anyone that produces instructional GuideGuide content. Interested in participating? Here’s how it works.

Help me share GuideGuide

How to participate

  1. You must already have a paid GuideGuide license. Education license users can (and should!) also participate, but you already have a free license, so I can’t really discount it any harder than that.
  2. Contact me to let me know you want to participate. Please provide a unique word or phrase I can use to generate a url for you to include in your work
  3. You publish your content and include the URL I provide and send me a link.
  4. Once I verify it exists, is public, and meets the criteria, I’ll add an additinal year to your license.


Content suggestions

Sound interesting?

Help me share GuideGuide