New Pricing

GuideGuide is now priced with pay-what-you-want annual plans

Now Supported: Adobe XD CC!

GuideGuide is available for Adobe XD, with support for the grid form and quick guides in this first release

Lower Price

GuideGuide 5 is now $36 per year or $5 per month

GuideGuide 5: Sketch!

GuideGuide 5 is available, with support for Sketch. At long last you can have your favorite grid tool in your favorite design app.


With GuideGuide 5, I’m working toward making my side project my primary source of income.

4.3.0 - Real artboard support

GuideGuide officially supports CC 2015’s artboards and artboard guides. The latest release includes a number of new features and…

Recovering lost grids

GuideGuide 4.2.0 fixes an issue that caused GuideGuide’s memory to reset after Photoshop updates. In most cases you can still find your old…

Adobe Add-on store problems

A few people have reported that the Adobe Add-on store is having issues automatically installing GuideGuide on their computers. Adobe’s…

Selling out and ruining everything

In late 2010 I needed to solve a problem: I was sick of recalculating and resizing navigation elements in designs every time a client added…