GuideGuide for Illustrator

Aug 19, 2016 | Written byCameron McEfee

The day has finally arrived: GuideGuide is available for Illustrator. Go get it!

Feature parity

The Illustrator version is—for the most part—the same as the Photoshop version. However, I’ve chosen to leave out a few “features” that either Illustrator already does, or don’t make sense with how Illustrator works.


I’ve decided to sell the Illustrator panel for $10 as a separate product from the Photoshop version. By offering each version as a separate panel, customers that only use one or the other will not have to suffer updates to a version of the panel that they don’t use.

Additionally, as I’m sure critics will point out, it will allow me to malevolently milk every last penny from customers so that I can recreate this. If you’re reading this post, you probably already know how great GuideGuide is, and know that if you compare how much time GuideGuide saves to how much you charge per hour, it’s easily worth the money. So what are you waiting for?