Most GuideGuide issues are common and easy to fix. Here are a few of the most frequent issues.

GuideGuide shows a blank panel on Windows

This is a known issue that I need to talk to users to debug. If GuideGuide does not load in Illustrator/Photoshop in Windows, please contact support so I can ask you a question about your install.

GuideGuide is too expensive in my country, do you have regional pricing?

I would like to offer regional pricing in the future, once I figure out what price ratio my current market is comfortable with. To help me figure out what regional pricing is appropriate, I’d love to know the country you live in and the cost of a normal local beer in your local currency.

I have GuideGuide 4. Can I upgrade to GuideGuide 5 for free?

Anyone that purchased GuideGuide is elligible for three free months of a new GuideGuide license. I’ve already notified all Gumroad customers with their discount code.

If you believe you qualify for the discount but did not recieve a code, please contact me using the form below.