Photoshop guides and grids

GuideGuide is a plugin for quickly and easily creating Photoshop guides and grids, with more power and flexibility than Photoshop’s built-in grid tools — and it works wherever you do.

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I launched GuideGuide in 2010 as the grid tool Photoshop never had. All these years later, you still can’t clear multiple Photoshop guides at a time with the built-in tools. Can you believe that? Well, GuideGuide helps you do that, and a whole bunch of other great things.

Millions of designers, illustrators, photographers, and grandparents have used GuideGuide to professionally and efficiently line things up with other things. Why not join them?

What can you do with GuideGuide?

Create rows and columns and baseline grids.

Place guides based on your canvas, artboard, page, selection.

Mark the edges or midpoints of things.

Clear guides based on your selection.

Add guides based on aspect ratios.

Create grids based on other grids.

Go beyond traditional grid tools.

Save your grid templates and bits.

How does GuideGuide work?

Photoshop guides are a built-in feature that let you add lines to your document to assist with mesurement and alignment. They only appear in Photoshop and don’t end up in your final work.

GuideGuide is a plugin that creates grids using these guides, without the limitations and constraints of Photoshop’s layout features.

Ok, but why should you use GuideGuide?

Be flexible and contextual

Built-in grid tools are made to work within strict contexts for basic scenarios. Do you consider yourself strict and basic? GuideGuide can create grids anywhere, based on anything.

Be smarter than “smart” guides

Sure, design apps have automatic guides. Screw ’em and their passive aggressive “you seem like you need my help” attitude. GuideGuide is always there, when you want help.

Be a non-conformist

Pedestrian columns and rows are fine, but you are an artist with ideas that don't fit into nice little boxes.

Be a pervert

Be honest — you really like the golden ratio. Or maybe Fibonacci is your thing? However you get weird with the lights off and a deadline fast approaching, GuideGuide supports your choices.

Does GuideGuide cost money? Yes it does.

But you’re a professional — you gotta spend money to make money. Besides, your support helps this guy (points two thumbs at myself) continue being an independent software developer.

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Photo of a man eating very large ribs. He’s quite handsom and also humble. The photo was clearly taken more than a decade ago.

It feels right

GuideGuide does its best to look native to the app you use it in, ill-advised platform design choices and all.

We’ve gone soft. Our modern design tools, great as they are, hold our hands in the direction of what is easy to build and optimize. They deprioritize whack-ass ideas that scare product managers but are cool as sh*t when someone has the audacity to make them work.

GuideGuide raises a middle finger to tools that limit creative potential. If you’re a designer that wants to do work that is different from the rest, GuideGuide will help you do it.

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