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Welcome to GuideGuide. It’s going to change your life.

I originally created GuideGuide to help me solve a problem: I was sick of calculating the width of navigation elements in designs every time clients made navigation changes. I figured, I do the same math every time. I should be able to automate that process.

Thus, GuideGuide was born. From 2010–2018, it filled a hole in Photoshop’s feature set, became Photoshop’s most installed plugin, and eventually expanded to Illustrator. Pretty cool for a little side project. I’m excited that you’re about to try it out.

The first step toward easier grids and guides is to install GuideGuide. Be sure you pick the installation method that matches your version. If you have any problems installing, check out the troubleshooting guide.

The most handy thing to know is the concept of context. GuideGuide can use your document, artboards, or selection as a reference for adding or removing guides. Using this feature strategically will allow you to do all kinds of things with guides.

Using GuideGuide is pretty straightforward. Fill out the form, click the Add guides button. That’s it! To learn about how the different forms work, be sure to read the documentation listed in the sidebar.

If you find that the form can’t do everything you need, check out grid notation, GuideGuide’s grid language. It will let you create any grid you can think of.

And finally, if you’d like to see practical uses of GuideGuide, check out the guides listed on the left (I know, GuideGuide guide guides) that show clever ways to use it that you may not have thought of yet.

GuideGuide is a simple tool that can unlock some very valuable workflows. It changed my life the first time I used it. I hope you find that it changes yours too.

Cameron McEfee
Creator of GuideGuide

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