Align Objects

Designers often need to center align objects. Built in alignment tools are usually pretty good for this, but what if you need to do something like left align objects along the center of something? Or maybe you want to horizontally align elements to the top of another. I don’t know why you’d want to do any of this, but GuideGuide ads guides that make it easy to do it.

  1. Add some elements to your document.

  2. Select something to line things up with. It could be one of the elements, the artboard, or the document. This works everywhere.

  3. At the top of GuideGuide, click the Quick center guide button.

  4. Select some other elements and line them up with the new guide however you want.

This concept works for any of the other “quick” guide buttons. Use this any time you want to line things up with the edge or midpoint of something.