The Settings Tab

The Settings menu can be opened by clickin the Settings button. The following items may appear within the settings menu.


This is the currently running version of GuideGuide.

Latest update

This appears when a newer version of GuideGuide for the current host application is available. For more information, see how to update GuideGuide.

License Status

If you are using a version of a license which expires, such as a free trial, you will see the days remaining, as well as actions related to your license.

Current License

This displays your current license key.

In the event that you would like to remove your license from the current version of GuideGuide, you may click the Remove license button. After this, you will be shown the initial welcome menu with an option to add a new license.

Note that GuideGuide may be used by the same person on unlimited devices. You do not need to remove your license to install GuideGuide on another device.

Data control

Should you choose to do so, you can import and export your data.